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Scroppino with strawberry puree

scroppino with strawberry puree
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Strawberry puree


1.Place six glasses in the freezer to chill. Meanwhile, to make strawberry puree, blend or process strawberries and cordial until smooth. Transfer to a jug; refrigerate until needed
2.To make the scroppino, place half the vodka in a blender; slowly pour in half the wine, then add half the sorbet. Blend, in bursts, until combined.
3.Pour 1 tablespoon strawberry puree into the base of chilled glass, top with scroppino; serve immediately.
4.Repeat with remaining ingredients.

This traditional frozen Venetian drink made with gelato is hard to categorise – part drink, part dessert ­with a texture more akin to a slushie. We’ve used sorbet instead of gelato but, either way, it’s delicious; just be sure to serve it with long spoons or straws, if served in tall glasses.


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