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Microphone ice-creams

microphone ice-creams
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Chocolate topping


1.Cut licorice strap into three 15cm lengths; cut each length into 4 strips.
2.Using skewer, make a small hole near the base of each cone (not through the bottom, otherwise the cones won’t stand up). Push end of licorice strip into each hole for microphone lead.
3.Push some ice-cream firmly into cones to hold licorice in place. Fill cones with ice-cream until level with tops of cones.
4.Using ice-cream scoop, top cones with ice-cream domes. Place cones on tray; freeze about 10 minutes or until firm.
5.To make chocolate topping, melt ingredients in small saucepan over low heat until smooth.
6.Pour topping into small deep bowl; dip ice-cream domes into chocolate, sprinkle with glitter. Return cones to freezer until required.

Edible glitter is available from specialist cake decorating shops


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