White chocolate rose-print cake

white chocolate Rose-Print Cake
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1.Trim cakes. Secure cakes to boards. Using spatula, spread cakes all over using two-thirds of the ganache.
2.Using tape measure, measure the circumference and height of the cakes and add 1cm (½ inch) to each measurement. Using sharp knife and ruler, cut 3 rectangles from the transfer sheets using these measurements. Reserve any leftover transfer sheet.
3.Melt chocolate in medium bowl over medium saucepan of simmering water (don’t allow water to touch base of bowl). Place one cut transfer sheet, print-side up, on a clean surface. Using spatula, spread sheet with one-third of the melted chocolate. Chocolate should be 3mm (-inch) thick to make it easy to handle. Leave chocolate to set for a few minutes, then carefully pick up transfer sheet and move to a sheet of baking paper (this neatens the edges). While the chocolate is still wet to the touch, and before the edges have begun to set, carefully pick up the top two corners and wrap the transfer sheet around one cake, chocolate-side in. Repeat with the remaining transfer sheets, chocolate and cakes. Stand 20 minutes then remove the backing paper. (To remove the backing paper, start from one top corner and carefully peel paper away.)
4.Spread remaining chocolate over any leftover pieces of transfer sheet, leave to set completely before removing the backing paper. Using both fluted cutters, cut out rounds from sheet. Top cakes with remaining ganache, then chocolate rounds. Tie ribbon around cake, finish with a bow.

equipment 3 x 10cm (4-inch) round cardboard cake boards, small offset metal spatula, tape measure, plastic ruler, 4.5cm (1.-inch) fluted round cutter, 3.5cm (1.-inch) fluted round cutter Instead of one large cake, place smaller cakes randomly on the table, display them on stemmed glass cake plates for a charming effect. Cakes can be completed at least a week before required. Store in a cool or air-conditioned room. Position the fluted chocolate rounds on top of the cake on the day of serving.


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