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Pudding on a stick

pudding on a stick
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Royal icing


1.Using hands, crumble the cake into large bowl, stir in chocolate, brandy and sifted icing sugar. Using wet hands, roll rounded tablespoons of mixture into balls, pressing firmly place on baking-paper-lined tray. Cover and refrigerate 4 hours.
2.Meanwhile, make royal icing. Sift icing sugar through fine sieve. Lightly beat egg white in small bowl with electric mixer and beat in icing sugar, one tablespoon at a time. When icing reaches firm peaks, use a wooden spoon to beat in juice.
3.Dip lollypop sticks into royal icing, then push sticks about half-way into cake balls.
4.Drizzle royal icing over cake balls, top each with a piece of cherry and stand at room temperature until set. Dust with a little extra sifted icing sugar.

36 lollypop or paddle pop sticks are needed for this recipe. Push the sticks of the popcakes into the top of a cardboard egg carton to dry. Light or dark fruit cake is suitable, use whichever is preferred.


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