Lemon tarts

lemon tarts
6 Item
1H 15M



1.Process flours, caster sugar and butter until crumbly, add enough of the water to make ingredients come together. Knead dough gently on floured surface until smooth.
2.Preheat oven to 180°C (160°C fan forced). Grease six 10cm (4-inch) deep loose-based flan tins.
3.Divide pastry into six portions. Roll one portion at a time between sheets of baking paper until large enough to line tins. Ease pastry into tins, pressing into base and side, trim edges, prick base with fork. Cover, refrigerate 30 minutes.
4.Place tins on oven tray, cover pastry with baking paper, fill with dried beans or uncooked rice. Bake 15 minutes remove paper and beans carefully from pastry cases. Bake further 10 minutes, cool.
5.Reduce oven temperature to 150°C (130°C fan forced).
6.Make lemon filling. Whisk mascarpone and eggs together in large jug until smooth. Add sifted sugar, rind and juice, whisk until smooth.
7.Divide filling among pastry cases.
8.Bake tarts about 15 minutes or until almost set, cool. Refrigerate 2 hours before serving dusted with sifted icing sugar.

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