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Beef and vegetables with beer

Try this recipe for a roast with a twist. Beer finds it's place in yet another crowd pleasing dish.
beef and vegetables with beer



1.Heat oil in large baking dish; cook beef until browned. Remove from dish.
2.Add vegetables to dish; cook, stirring, until browned all over.
3.Return beef to dish; add beer. Cook, covered, in moderately hot oven 45 minutes.
4.Remove vegetables to flat oven tray. Cover loosely with foil; return to oven.
5.Turn beef; cook, uncovered, about 30 minutes or until beef is cooked through. Remove beef from dish; wrap in foil.
6.Place baking dish over heat; simmer, uncovered, until liquid reduces to about 1 cup (250ml).
7.Serve sliced beef with vegetables and sauce.

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