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20 quick snacks for midnight munchies

We all know that feeling: you've just returned home from a night out. You're hungry, tired and both wanting and needing something high in carbs. With everything from toasted sandwiches and oozy cheese and chicken melts, to five-minute Nutella microwave puddings, these recipes are designed to tackle your cheeky food cravings in no time at all.
Quick Grilled NachosWoman's Day
Quick & Easy
January 31, 1976

Choc-cherry and hazelnut biscotti trifle

You can improvise with the ingredients in this trifle. Try sponge finger biscuits instead of biscotti, raspberries in place of cherries and a nut-flavoured liqueur as a substitute for the marsala. Biscotti is available at selected delicatessens, specialty food stores and online. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
Quick Grilled Nachos
Quick & Easy
September 29, 2014

Quick grilled nachos

Whip up this Mexican favourite in no time at all. Your family and friends will love sharing this big tray of vegetarian nachos, enjoying the oozy melted cheese, spicy tomato salsa and creamy avocado atop crunchy corn chips.
By Women's Weekly Food

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