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Perfect Portuguese recipes for dinner and dessert

Portuguese chicken is a favourite, but there is so much more to this fiery cuisine than just the classics. From amazing seafood dishes such as a traditional caldeirada branco to the chicken we all know and love, these Portuguese recipes are sure to spice up your daily dinner routine. We've even included some fantastic desserts for the perfect finish to your meal. Dig in!

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    Grilled tomato and red capsicum gazpacho

    Originally from the Spanish region of Andalusia, gazpacho is a soup made from raw blended vegetables. We've grilled the tomato and capsicum here for a more intense flavour. Serve chilled, with parmesan croutons.

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    Portuguese Prawns

    Demonstrate your skill on the grill at your next barbecue using this show-stopper by Julie Biuso.

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    Portuguese-style seafood stew

    As a sea-faring people for most of their history, the Portuguese know a thing or two about seafood and what to do with it, as this Portuguese-style seafood stew demonstrates.

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    Portuguese caldeirada

    Caldeirada is a Portuguese fish stew that varies from region to region, but usually contains a variety of fish along with potato, onion and tomato or capsicum.

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    A Portuguese rendition of a traditional dish of coastal India called Sagoti.

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    Churros with hot chocolate

    There is some debate about the origins of this delightful doughnut-like sweet. Some say Spanish or Portugese, some say South American. We're just happy they were invented at all, because life is just a little bit sweeter with churros.

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    Portuguese piri piri chicken

    Satusfy your tastebuds with this deliciouslyu tender Portuguese piri piri chicken! A dinner the whole family will love.

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    Portuguese steak

    Steak and egg is a classic in the repertoire of traditional Portuguese cooking. Sherry and a good slug of red wine add depth and complexity to the sauce, with chilli adding a good slug of heat.

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    Portuguese stew

    Many countries have similar kinds of dishes: Spain has a cocido with chickpeas, the French have the pot-au-feu - the origins are always peasant food where cheap cuts of meat and seasonal vegetables are cooked together in one big pot.

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    Caldeirada branco

    A famous Portuguese fish stew, the caldeirada branco is a glorious mix seafood, and traditionally dependent on the catch of the day. Real Living have used regular marinara mix, here.

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    Peri peri coconut chicken curry

    Spicy, succulent and oh-so-scrumptious! Take your taste buds around the world with this tasty peri peri coconut chicken curry - perfect for dinner any night of the week!

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