Pork dinner recipes

All the classics including pulled pork burgers, dumplings, pork and fennel sausage rolls and sticky Chinese-style pork belly. Take your pick!

Pork is wonderfully versatile, and when cooked properly is an extremely tender meat which can be included in all the classic family dinners like curries, strews, stir-fries and pies. It can be very lean, and is great grilled and tossed through a light summer salad. Conversely, if you chose a fatty cut of meat, like the pork belly, it's brilliant simmered or slow-cooked and shredded.
We've pulled together some of our best ever pork recipes, including a South-Carolina style pulled pork burger, a pork and veal lasagne and homemade pork and fennel sausage rolls. There's also apple-cider-brined ribs and pork ragu over homemade gnocchi, for something a little more fancy.

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