Perfect pomegranate recipes

Oh pomegranates, you juicy little bursts of deliciousness.

Why are you so tricky to get into?
Well, where there's a will, there's a way, and our Test Kitchen experts have the simplest way for you to crack that pomegranate.
First thing to keep in mind is that pomegranate juice stains, so pop on an apron and cover your chopping board with baking paper.
Cut the pomegranate in half, and hold it, rind side up, over a large, deep bowl.
The further down in to the bowl you hold it, the less juice will splash up and around you.
Then get smacking!
With a wooden spoon, give the back of the pomegranate strong, vigorous taps to release the seeds.
Keep at it until all of the seeds are released, then have a quick look through the bowl for any white pith that may have fallen in.
And then those delicious little seeds are yours for the eating!
Toss them through a salad, like this char-grilled quail with cauliflower and pomegranate salad, or reduce them down in this date and rose pomegranate molasses for a tart, sticky salad dressing or meat marinade or click through our gallery for more.

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