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24 Paleo recipes for family dinners

If you're following a Paleo diet and are looking for some creative meals to make for dinner, look no further than this recipe collection. We've brought you the best recipes that are low in carbs and processed foods, but high in flavour and nutrients. From our pesto lamb and zucchini salad to our cauliflower crust pizza, there's something for every tastebud here. You'll also find lovely grilled seafood dishes, and delicious baked chicken recipes for a healthy protein hit.

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    Spice-crusted lamb racks and roasted carrots

    Jazz up dinner time with these delicious lamb racks. They are rolled in a delicious seed and spice mix, and served with juicy roasted carrots for the ultimate family meal.

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    Pork and veal san choy bau

    For a delicious taste of China, these pork mince lettuce cups are perfect starters for a family and friends gathering.

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    The green turkey burger

    Take this delicious lettuce wrapped burger to the next step and veg it up! Replace turkey patties with pan-fried haloumi or fried flat mushrooms.

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    Cauliflower pizza

    Sink your teeth into this deliciously wholesome, healthier cauliflower pizza - loaded with fresh tasty ingredients and mouthwatering flavour!

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    Chicken and kale tray bake

    This tasty chicken and vegetable bake proves that healthy meals can be delicious. Packed full of nutritious kale, roasted cauliflower and salty chorizo,

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    Maple-glazed chicken, shallot and kumara skewers

    Wow family and friends at your next summer dinner party with these chicken and sweet potato-like kumara skewers, brushed with a mix of sugary maple syrup. pungent mustard and sour cider vinegar. Round it out with a healthy spinach pecan salad.

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    Grilled fish with salsa verde

    Enjoy this tasty, succulent grilled fish with a zesty salsa verde for dinner tonight - perfect for the whole family.

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    Paleo herb roasted chicken with pumpkin salad

    This tasty budget chicken dish is packed with nutrients as well as flavour. You can dress up the vegies by adding some chopped semi sun-dried tomatoes to the salad or a combination of baked pumpkin, red onion and eggplant.

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    Cauliflower 'fried rice'

    Ditch the carbs and opt for this delicious paleo version of 'fried rice'. We've used the versatile cauliflower to create a super healthy and deliciously satisfying dish.

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    Whole snapper with pea and herb dressing

    Looking for a delicious wholesome meal for dinner tonight? Try this whole snapper with pea and herb dressing! Loaded with fresh, fragrant ingredients and packed with bags of flavour!

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    Fish with fennel, lemon and capers

    Wonderfully fragrant and light, this zesty fennel and fish recipe is beautiful served with a green salad for a healthy and delicious meal.

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    Salmon with shaved cauliflower salad

    Indulge in this quick, yet super tasty fresh salmon and shaved cauliflower salad dish - perfect for dinner on the busier nights of the week!

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    Paleo sirloin with salsa verde and kumara chips

    Packed full of protein and flavour, this healthy sirloin steak dish is great for a quick family dinner. Serve topped with a zesty salsa verde and crispy kumara chips for a delicious meal.

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    Paleo cauliflower fried rice

    Cutting out carbs just got a whole lot easier with this modern take on the Chinese classic, blitzing up cauliflower in place of the rice. It's just as filling and flavoursome, minus the grains.

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    Chimichurri lamb cutlets

    Spice up dinner time with these hearty chimichurri lamb cutlets - flavorsome and delicious, these will become a definite family favourite!

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    Beef and ginger stir-fry

    Quick, easy and tasty, this beef and ginger stir fry can be served on a bed of Asian greens for a truly satisfying meal.

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    Moroccan spiced roast beef with caramelised cauliflower

    Tender, juicy beef is beautiful marinated in a fragrant Moroccan seasoning and cooked to perfection. Serve your meal with sweet, caramelised cauliflower and steamed green beans for a flavour sensation that will leave you wanting more!

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    Paleo sesame crusted salmon with Asian coleslaw

    Packed full of goodness, salmon is one superfood that you will love to eat. We've coated these tender fillets in a crispy sesame crust for maximum texture and flavour for your next family dinner.

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    Pesto lamb with zucchini and almond salad

    Please the family at dinner time with this zesty pesto lamb dish, accompanied by a fresh and crunchy zucchini and almond salad - nutritious and delicious!

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