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Decorating ideas for number birthday cakes

Give your little one a cake to remember with our cute number designs. From the classic Australian Women's Weekly Smartie one to a six-shaped snake and Ollie the 8-year-old octopus, the kids are sure to love digging in to their special birthday cake!

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    The 'still really terrific' at two cake

    Try this gorgeous blue gluten-free cake for your child's second birthday party. The number 2 cake pan can be hired from cake decorating shops.

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    Fishes for three

    A fun and fishy cake that is perfect for a three year old's birthday party.

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    Four birthday cake

    Celebrate your child turning four with this awesome birthday cake for car lovers.

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    A superstar at five

    Make your child's birthday special with this amazing butter cake covered in yellow buttercream and blue stars.

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    Now we are six! Celebrate this auspicious occasion with this delightful sssssnakey ssssix cake, by the Australian Women's Weekly. The birthday boy or girl will be delighted!

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    Jewels at nine

    This cute birthday cake is perfect for a little girl or boy who are excited about turning nine!

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    Number 9 cake

    You only turn 9 once in your life, so make this cool fire-breathing dragon out of lollies on top of a number 9 cake!

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    Double digits at last! This ten cake by Australian Women's Weekly is colour galore. When cutting the jubes dip the knife in hot water, then dry before cutting to avoid sticking.

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