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24 Mother's Day morning tea recipes

If you've got a lovely weekend in planned with your mum, why not pop on the kettle and whip up a batch of sweet and indulgent baked goods to go alongside your coffee or tea? We've pulled together the best Mother's Day recipes which are perfect for morning tea. From our classic vanilla slice and chocolate caramel slice recipes, to our lemonade and strawberry scones, this is comfort food done right. There's also a couple of fruity tea cakes, pies and cookies, plus endless chocolate delights.

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    We have created a lemon twist on a classic favourite - the Lamington. We've even made this recipe gluten-free, and nut-free, so everyone can enjoy!

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    Orange and poppyseed cupcakes

    These gorgeous orange and poppyseed cupcakes are wonderfully sweet and moist. Serve them fresh out of the oven, drizzled with a divine orange syrup, and enjoy with friends.

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    Coconut and raspberry cake

    Sweet, golden and full of gorgeous flavours, this beautiful coconut and raspberry cake is perfect for an indulgent morning or afternoon tea with your girlfriends and loved ones.

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    Chocolate hazelnut pie

    Decadently sweet and nutty - the entire family will love this chocolate hazelnut pie!

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    Passionfruit curd teacake

    This fluffy teacake is beautifully moist from the homemade passionfruit curd swirled through. Enjoy a big slice with a cuppa for morning or afternoon tea.

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    Apple cinnamon scrolls

    These classic little pastries are divine served warm, their buttery crust matching perfectly with the cinnamon and apple filling.

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    Chocolate chip cookies

    A classic biscuit that is loved by all, the humble chocolate chip cookie is best enjoyed with a glass of milk. They're great to bake with the little ones, too.

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    Little corella pear cakes

    These cute little cakes are stuffed with tender vanilla poached pears to create a dainty treat, perfect enjoyed with a cup of tea.

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    Strawberry bliss scones

    Sweet and delicate, these strawberry scones are the perfect treat for morning or afternoon tea. Enjoy warm with a dollop of jam and cream.

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    Apple tea cake

    Cut yourself a large slice of this warm, moist apple cake - delicious served fresh from the oven with a drizzle of cream and a mug of tea.

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    Banana caramel scrolls

    Filled with coffee-soaked sultanas and chopped walnuts, these banana caramel scrolls are a decadent morning sweet treat.

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    Apple crumble cake

    Sweet and crumbly, this divine apple crumble cake is beautiful enjoyed warm or cold for afternoon tea.

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    Raspberry and vanilla crumble slice

    This gorgeous dessert is a flavour and texture sensation that will delight your friends and family. A sweet, gooey raspberry topping sits beautifully atop a fluffy, vanilla slice. Add a crumbly, almond topping for extra crunch.

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    Lemonade scones

    Who would have though lemonade would be the key to subtly sweet, crumbly soft scones?

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    Chocolate macadamia fudge slice

    This nutty chocolate slice freezes well and is a delicious lunchbox treat for adults and children alike.

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