Midweek Dinners

Quick midweek dinner recipes using slow-cookers, leftovers and simple, no-fuss recipes for time-poor weeknights.

Roast beef

Master the perfect roast.

Test Kitchen|Apr 11, 2021

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  • Rösti cottage pie

    Lovely as creamy mashed potato is, there's something addictive about the crispy, golden rösti topping of this cottage pie.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 11, 2021

  • Lentil soup

    This slow-cooked lentil soup is hearty and nourishing.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 10, 2021

  • Chilli con carne with corn dumplings

    This hearty, spicy chilli gets a modern makeover with these polenta-based dumplings. Slow cooking brings out the flavours.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 08, 2021

  • Fish pies

    Individual fish pies make a great easy dinner.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 08, 2021

  • Quiche Lorraine

    With bacon and gruyère cheese, what's not to love?

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 06, 2021