Mouth-watering jaffles

Whether you call them jaffles or toasties, there's no debating that toasted sandwiches are delicious. This ultimate comfort food makes the perfect anytime meal or snack, and takes the humble sandwich to the next level. The possibilities are endless: stick to the classics like our breakfast jaffle stuffed with bacon and egg, or fill yours with baked beans or bolognese. Or maybe a sweet jaffle is more your thing; try our banana and nutella, pear and almond, or banana and ricotta jaffles for a treat that won't disappoint.
Baked bean and egg jaffle
Quick & Easy
August 29, 2014

Baked bean and egg jaffle

Jam-packed full of hearty baked beans, melted oozy cheese and scrambled eggs, this tasty jaffle is perfect for a quick and satisfying breakfast. Take one bite into this toasted, golden sandwich and enjoy the hot filling that spills out.
By Women's Weekly Food

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