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Healthy and tasty low-fat recipes

Just because you're watching your diet doesn't mean you need to skimp on flavour. These low-fat winners include healthy breakfasts, flavoursome lunch and dinner recipes and beautiful desserts. From our soups and stir-fries, to our zucchini fritters and pork rolls, there's something for everyone here. And if you've got a sweet tooth, we haven't forgotten you. You'll love our crumpets with berry compote and rhubarb souffle.

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    Crumpets with berry compote

    Freshly made real crumpets are a world away from the store-bought variety. These crumpets with berry compote are a fabulous brunch or afternoon treat.

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    Pork and tofu rice noodles

    Stir-fry your taste buds to heaven with this staple Asian noodle dish of pork, tofu and beans with chunks of capsicum and oyster mushrooms. This recipe is suitable for diabetics.

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    Zucchini fritters with tomato mint salad

    These tasty, healthy zucchini fritters are fabulous with preserved lemon yoghurt on the side. Use only the rind from the preserved lemon; rinse rind well under cold water then drain, dry and chop finely.

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    One−pot poached chicken with soba noodles

    Fresh, simple and nourisihing. This one−pot wonder with wholesome poached chicken and soba noodles makes the perfect dinner idea for the cooler nights. Suitable for the 2-Day Fast Diet.

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    Chicken and mango rice paper rolls

    Enjoy these light, refreshing chicken and mango rice paper rolls on a warm summer's afternoon. A Vietnamese classic, the rolls are wonderful served as finger food with a zesty chilli lime dipping sauce.

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    Spicy pork larb cups

    For maximum crispness, wash and dry your lettuce cups thoroughly and keep them wrapped in a tea towel in the fridge until ready to use for these delicious spicy pork larb cups by Good Food.

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    Prawn and sweet chilli salad

    This prawn and sweet chilli salad ticks all the boxes. It's full of fresh and healthy ingredients, it looks beautiful on the plate and it is full of those zingy Asian flavours that compliment seafood so well.

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    Apple and spice souffles

    The flavours of warm apple and delicate chai spices work perfectly in this fluffy French dessert.

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    Chickpea and sumac salad

    Sumac has the perfect degree of tartness to lift this chickpea salad out of the realm of the ordinary.

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    Pork cabbage rolls

    So hearty and warming, these pork and cabbage rolls will convert anyone to a love of cabbage dishes.

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    Steamed sesame scallops

    Plump, juicy and fragrant with sesame oil, these sea scallops make a delightful starter for a special dinner.

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