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12 creative recipes for lemon meringue desserts

A good, old-fashioned lemon meringue pie is guaranteed to be a hit at any dinner party but, why just stick to the classics? Here, we've gathered twelve creative twists on this iconic sweet pie. There's everything from adorable bite-sized kisses and tasty slices to a quick and easy lemon meringue mess. Throw together individual trifles for mess-free serving or bake our delicious cheesecakes for a winning dessert and enjoy!

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    Lemon meringue pie

    Sticky and sweet with just a whisper of tartness, a good old-fashioned lemon meringue pie is always greeted with murmurs of appreciation. This one, by Woman's Day is no different.

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    Lemon meringue cake

    Indulge in this deliciously decadent lemon meringue cake. Topped with sugary meringue and sweet candied lemon, this is perfect for any special event or family barbeque!

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    Lemon meringue slice

    The flavours and texture of lemon meringue pie are firm favourites with many, this slice version makes serving the slice to many much easier.

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    Lemon and meringue passionfruit mess

    Quick and easy to prepare, and filled with fresh, sweet zesty flavours, this lemon and meringue passionfruit mess is simply irresistible!

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    Lemon meringue trifle

    Layered with lemon curd, crunchy meringue and whipped cream, these adorable individual trifles channel all the flavours of the classic retro dessert into one small jar.

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    Lemon meringue pudding

    Lemony sponge pudding with a light, sweet meringue topping makes for a nostalgic, nursery-style pudding.

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    Lemon meringue cupcakes

    Mix up the classic lemon meringue pie by creating cute cupcakes that are perfect as party food or a gift.

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    Lemon meringue tart

    The brilliant combination of a zesty, cream filling with a soft, fluffy sweet meringue topping is what makes this particular tart so special. Serve with a dollop of whipped cream to accompany this delicious dessert.

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