24 last-minute dinner recipes for entertaining

Got unexpected guests popping around? Or, just ran out of time to get everything prepped? Fear not - this collection of recipes can be on the table in under an hour, and still impress.

If you've got unexpected guests popping around or just ran out of time to get everything prepped when your loved ones come to visit, fear not - this collection of recipes is easy to make, and quick to get on the table.
But just because you're pressed for time, it doesn't mean you can't plate up impressive dishes. We've got everything from homemade seafood tagines and Mexican-spiced lamb burritos for your enjoyment.
You'll also find pasta dishes tossed with hearty chorizo sausages, homemade pesto sauces and creamy cheeses. Plus, oozy meat-loaded pizza recipes for the comfort-food lovers.
Flick through our recipes for inspiration when you need it most.

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