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Delicious kid-friendly dinner recipes

Say goodbye to meal-time stand-offs with these easy-to-make recipes that even the fussiest little kids (and grown ups) will love.

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    Tasty beef burgers

    Burgers have a bit of a bad image, mainly due to fast-food chains using highly processed ingredients and loads of fat. In fact, burgers are a wholesome and well-rounded meal if made with quality ingredients. Lean beef, salad vegetables, the bread of your choice – it’s all good, healthy stuff. Some people swear by beetroot on a burger, while others love pineapple, bacon and egg or a whole range of salads. However you like them, they’re a delicious family favourite.

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    Roasted lemon thyme chicken

    Fresh lemon thyme brings its lovely fragrance to these roast chicken pieces. Serve with the kipler potatoes and plenty of delicious cooking juices.

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    Self-saucing meatloaf

    Fresh cherry tomatoes bring a little something special to this self-saucing meatloaf, a dish that's delicious served hot for dinner or cold at a picnic.

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    Italian chicken schnitzel

    The secret to a perfectly cooked chicken schnitzel is to slice each breast through horizontally, making a thinner portion so it will cook through and leave you with a crisp, golden crumb. Any leftovers make a delicious sandwich filling.

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