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15 ways to cook with fennel

Love the taste of fennel? Here's a selection of our best fennel recipes, including either the fresh vegetable or dried fennel seeds. You'll find a fennel salad, a fennel cake and more!
beef souvlaki with fennel salad

Beef souvlaki and fennel salad.

Fennel is at its seasonal best in winter.

It’s a crunchy green vegetable slightly resembling celery, that’s eaten raw in salads, fried or roasted as an accompaniment, or used as an ingredient in risottos, soups and even cakes. Plus the much loved pork and fennel sausage rolls!

The fennel bulb has slightly sweet, anise flavour but the leaves have a much stronger taste. Fennel seeds are known for their licorice flavour.



Creamy chicken, fennel and mushroom pot pie

These are serious little pies; tender chunks of chicken, earthy mushrooms and fennel swimming in a creamy mustard sauce and topped with golden, flaky pastry.



Caramelised fennel tarts

A delicious entree for a winter dinner party.



Fennel and sage risotto

Add toasted fennel seeds for extra fennel flavour. Or try this fennel and prawn risotto. Or this fennel, lemon and scallop risotto.


pork and fennel sausage rolls

Pork and fennel sausage rolls

This sausage roll flavour combo is popular for a reason – it’s delicious!



Pork and fennel seed patties

These patties are also delicious served with mash and steamed vegetables or salad. For a great finger food idea, form the mince mixture into little meatballs instead of patties.



Beef souvlaki and fennel salad

Tender beef souvlaki marinated in lemon, wine and herbs, paired with a fresh and fragrant fennel salad and garlic yoghurt.


salad 2

Orange, fennel and hazelnut salad

This refreshing citrus and hazelnut salad is packed full of flavour and textures that’ll complement any dinner spread perfectly.



Fennel and orange salad

Another refreshing winter salad starring fresh fennel.


pork cutlet

Pork cutlets with fennel apple relish

Fresh fennel and apple relish makes this simple dish of pork cutlet and potato into something rather special.


pressure cooker ragout

Pork, fennel and olive ragout

A deliciously tender pork, fennel and olive ragout that can be done in a pressure cooker in no time.



Fennel baby cakes

These bite-sized cakes from are served with dollops of fennel seed frosting and make a quirky addition to your dessert repertoire.


pound cake

Orange and fennel seed pound cake

The pound cake can be made a day ahead. Store in an airtight container at room temperature and assemble of the day of serving.

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