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Retro Recipes: Women’s Weekly Vintage Edition – Cakes and Slices

There really is no recipe like an Australian Women's Weekly recipe, and this cookbook has got to be one of our favourites.

Delving into the Australian Women’s Weekly cookbook archives is always a delicious treat, and this week we thumbed through our much-loved Collectors’ Edition of Cakes and Slices.

First published in 1987 (that’s almost 30 years ago, foodies!), we’re still whipping up treats from this one – and still loving them!

Moist treacle gingerbread

Dense, lightly spiced and covered in thick, sweet icing, very few people could turn down a generous slice of this moist treacle gingerbread. The tangy lemon icing lifts the comforting, treacle flavour of the cake, and just begs to be served with a hot mug of tea.

Moist coconut cake

It seems like everyone remembers (and loves) this moist coconut cake with coconut ice frosting; just a few years ago, it made the Australian Women’s Weekly’s top 10 cakes, coming in at an impressive sixth place. And with coconut frosting this incredible, it’s little wonder why.

Zucchini walnut loaf

This is still one of our favourite ways to use up leftover zucchini. Zucchini walnut loaf is easy to whip up and freezes well, which means you’ll always have a slice or two of this gorgeous cake on hand to toast and slather in butter. A winner on all fronts, we say.

We’ve got even more deliciously loved retro recipes from the Vintage Edition of Cakes and Slices in the gallery below. Check them out!

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