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How to make and use preserved lemons

Our Test Kitchen experts show you how easy it is to preserve your own lemons. The mildly tart but intensely lemony flavour will add a distinctive North African taste to your stews and sauces.

From creating gorgeous lemon meringue pies and delicious lemon curd and adding a wonderful zesty touch to your curries and stews, lemons are a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to cooking. Their unique zing lends them to both sweet and savoury recipes.
However, learning how to preserve lemons is a must if you want to add an even more intense lemon flavour to your dishes.
While preserved lemons are most closely associated with North African cuisine, (they're an important addition to dishes such as a classic Moroccan chicken tagine), they're also required in some Indian and Cambodian recipes.
Having them on hand, therefore, is always a great idea should the mood to shake up dinner strike.
To make it easy, our Test Kitchen team show you how to preserve lemons at home, easily.
For recipe quantities, check out this easy preserved lemon recipe first.
Step 1: Halve lemons lengthways and carefully cut each lemon half in half again, without cutting all the way through.
Step 2: Layer lemons in a sterilised jar with rock salt, bay leaves and other spices. Cover with lemon juice.
Step 3: Place a sealed small plastic bag filled with water on top of the lemons to keep them submerged; seal jar. Store for three weeks in a cool, dark place.
Too easy!
Then, to use preserved lemons; rinse and remove the fleshy part of the lemon and discard. The rind can then be used in everything from tagines and lemon fish curries to this delicious eggplant and capsicum salad.

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