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How to: Measurement conversions

Conversions for grams and millilitres to ounces and pounds, as well as ingredient measures such as pints, gills and sticks of butter.

Your quick guide to imperial and metric measurements.

Liquid measures

30ml = 1 fluid oz

60ml = 2 fluid oz

100ml = 3 fluid oz

125ml = 4 fluid oz

150ml = 5 fluid oz (¼ pint/1 gill)

190ml = 6 fluid oz

250ml = 8 fluid oz

300ml = 10 fluid oz (½ pint)

500ml = 16 fluid oz

600ml = 20 fluid oz (1 pint)

1000ml (1 litre) = 1¾ pints

Dry measures

15g = ½oz

30g = 1oz

60g = 2oz

90g = 3oz

125g = 4oz (¼lb)

155g = 5oz

185g = 6oz

220g = 7oz

250g = 8oz (½lb)

280g = 9oz

315g = 10oz

345g = 11oz

375g = 12oz (¾lb)

410g = 13oz

440g = 14oz

470g = 15oz

500g = 16oz (1lb)

750g = 24oz (1½lb)

1kg = 32oz (2lb)

American cup and spoon measurements

It’s important to note that Australia is the only country in the world that has a 20ml tablespoon measure, the rest are 15ml.

The difference between an American and an Australian measuring cup is so small (less than a tablespoon) it’s irrelevant.

1 American cup = 237ml (Australia = 250ml)

1 American tablespoon = 15ml (Australia = 20ml)

1 American teaspoon = 5ml (same as Australia)

A stick of butter

1 stick (4oz) butter is equivalent to 125g.

A gill

A gill is a liquid measure sometimes seen in old recipes. In the U.S. Customary system it’s equal to 4 fluid ounces – which roughly equals 125ml in our (metric) measures. However, in the British Imperial system, 1 gill equals 5 fluid ounces (about 150ml). So check which country your recipe is from!

A pint

The British Imperial pint is 20 fluid ounces (or 600ml in the metric system) and the U.S. Customary pint is 16 fluid ounces (or 500ml in the metric system).

The correct way to measure ingredients

Liquids should be measured in a marked jug; stand it on a flat surface, then check it at eye level for accuracy. Spoon and cup measurements should be levelled off with a knife or spatula. When measuring ingredients such as honey or syrup, warm the cup or spoon in hot water then dry it completely before pouring in the honey or syrup.

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