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How to start a food blog

Take your love of cooking to the next level.

Have you mastered the iconic Women's Weekly birthday cakes? Are you 'Julie and Julia-ing' your way through a cookbook? Why not capture your triumphant moments and share them with the world?!
Your celebration of the joy of cooking could very well grow into something much bigger, cultivating an online community of likeminded home cooks, attracting book publishers and sponsors, or simply inspiring others to get creative in the kitchen.
Here are five essential things to consider before starting your very own food blog.

1. Start small and grow organically

Cook and photographer Tilly Pamment started her food blog Tilly's Table to express her creativity and share her creations with the world. Now, her stunning recipes and photos have been featured in Women's Weekly Food and inspire thousands of budding bakers in Australia and beyond.
"I have always loved cooking and eating and come from a family of good home cooks. My blog, Tilly's Table, started as a way of documenting and sharing what I was baking with others, as well as providing me with another creative outlet - and it has happily grown into something bigger."

2. Go with what you love

When you unapologetically follow your passion, the right people will pay attention. That's why telling your food story authentically is so important when it comes to connecting with an audience.
"If there is a certain type of food or photography style that you are drawn to, or that means something special to you, share that," says Tilly.
Write descriptions and blurbs in your own words, weaving in whatever personal anecdote or memory comes to mind with each dish.
"Things that are authentic and meaningful to you are always going to translate better and have more meaning to your audience too," she adds.
"I wanted to evoke a nostalgic, vintage feel with this photo of my Nanna's Rainbow cake, so I went with a darker setting, limiting the light source to one side to create rich shadows. I also added myself in the frame as I wanted to highlight the connection between my Nanna and I." Camera settings: 1/60 - F2.8 - ISO320. Tilly Pamment

3. Imagery is everything

"A captivating image is what makes people stop and read your words and want to cook your food," says Tilly.
When styling food photos, she believes keeping it simple and on-brand is the best practice.
"Don't over complicate things. Think about the story you're trying to tell and make sure your food and props complement that. I often use handmade ceramics, linen napery and fresh flowers to help tell my food stories, but work out what suits your style and story."
"I wanted to play with the colour of this simple tea cake, highlighting the green of the matcha by working with a limited colour palette of green and cream. An overhead angle helps to show the cake's shape and form." Camera settings: 1/60 - F3.5 - ISO160 Tilly Pamment

4. Gear Up

To beautifully capture your culinary moments, you need the right tools including a camera with a high-resolution and a macro lens for finely detailed shots.
Other features to look out for include auto and manual focusing options, dedicated food modes, advanced white balance temperature settings, a high-resolution screen, Wi-Fi and remote-control.
"I love the Wi-Fi function on my camera," says Tilly. "It means I can quickly upload and edit photos on my phone, as well as my computer."
For the best results, use a professional camera such as the Nikon Z Series Mirrorless Camera range. Teamed with the NIKKOR Z Mirrorless Lens, it offers super high-resolution images to perfectly capture every delicious morsel.
"This is my Australian take on a German classic bake. Again, working with a limited colour palette helps create a strong story and the Australian native flowers and foliage give the photo a sense of place." Camera settings: 1/60 - F3.2 - ISO160. Tilly Pamment

5. The power of the internet

Once you have your words and images ready to go, it's easy to put it together using templates and blogging tools available on sites like Canva, Wordpress or Squarespace. Social media is also an excellent way to cultivate an audience. As well as posting on her blog, Tilly uses Instagram to share her images and whimsical descriptions with her followers.

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