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How to make meringue for pavlovas, pies, or on their own!

Use up your leftover egg whites to make show-stopping pavlovas or crunchy meringues the kids will love. Here's how!

From family BBQs on a warm summer's night to a last minute catch-up with friends, the mighty meringue is always there for you!
Whether it's a pavlova with cream and fruit, or a rich lemon meringue pie, this is a recipe to have up your sleeve to make your guests happy.
Fig and pomegranate pavlova.
How to make the perfect meringue
Step 1: Separate room temperature eggs into a dry and clean bowl. Make sure the egg yolk doesn't go in the bowl too.
Step 2: Whisk the egg whites on high speed until soft peaks form. Add the sugar while mixing.
Step 4: Whisk until you have a glossy mixture, the sugar is dissolved and stiff peaks have formed.
Add this mixture to your favourite meringue-topped desserts, or to make pavlova, just fold in cornflower and white vinegar. Bake at a low temperatire until slightly golden.
Serve with your favourite fruits, cream or even a fruit compote!

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