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How to fillet a fish

Filleting a fish just got a whole lot easier thanks to our Test Kitchen step-by-step.
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Step 1: Place the fish on a board, with the backbone facing toward you. Using a sharp, flexible knife, cut down just behind the head until you hit the vertebrae.

Step 2: Cut along the backbone, towards the tail, making sure the knife is in contact with the vertebrae. Remove the fish fillet and set aside.

Step 3: Turn the fish over, and repeat the process.

Step 4: Trim any excess fat and bones from the fillet; use a tweezers to remove the bones.

Step 5: To remove the skin, dip your fingertips in salt and grip the tail end of the fillet. Run your knife along the skin, in a back-and-forth cutting motion, and it should part easily from the flesh.

Once you’ve cut the fillets into portions, your fish is now ready to cook. May we suggest seared ocean trout and potato mash with grilled pea and mint salsa or snapper fillets with root vegetable slaw.\

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