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7 foods that will stop sugar cravings in their tracks

Ever been in one of those moods where you would sell your mother-in-law for a chocolate bar? We’re here to help.
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Everyone who decides to ditch sugar will eventually face one of life’s most challenging questions as a sweet treat-loving foodie: what can I still eat and actually enjoy?

Tiramisu and our go-to chocolate bars are out of the question and watching The Great Australian Bake Off is simply torture. Giving up our favourite sugar-loaded treats isn’t just a challenge; it is a downright sacrifice.

We rounded up vitamin-rich foods which help stop sugar cravings in their tracks. Sure, it won’t be the same as digging into a tub of ice-cream, but these powerfoods help keep sugar cravings at bay and allow you to indulge without breaking your diet.

Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes naturally caramelise and become sweeter as you cook them, so a serving of these root veggies could make your sweet tooth sing with satisfaction. Sweet potato lovers can also expect a boost of iron, potassium and Vitamin C. With options like healthy sweet potato nachos and sweet potato curly fries, what are you waiting for?


According to a study published by the American Diabetes Association, regularly consuming cinnamon results in healthier blood sugar levels in type II diabetics and even lowers risk for cardiovascular disease. With blood sugar regulating powers, cinnamon consumption let’s your brain know that you actually don’t need something sweet after all.


We’ll spare you the nutrition lecture on this incredible fruit. Bottom line: apples are full of natural soluble fibre and pectin (also found in apricots, oranges and guavas) which can reduce superfluous cravings and make you feel full. According to one study, eating apples routinely can lower your risk of diabetes by as much as 23 per cent. At less than 100 calories per apple, this wondrous fruit makes the perfect afternoon treat or post-dinner “dessert”.

Chia Seeds

Packed with Omega-3 and blood sugar regulating properties, this Mayan dietary staple is a major vitamin bomb. Try soaking chia seeds in almond milk overnight, stirring in a spoonful of organic maple syrup and adding a dash of cinnamon (we’ll get to that power spice later). Top this with fresh fruit or nuts and this will create a great energy-boosting chia pudding, perfect for breakfast or a satisfying treat.

To see just how delicious chia seeds can be, check out our berry and coconut chia pudding recipe.


Vinegar has a detoxifying effect on the human body and leaves us feeling cleansed and not so eager to pick up that tempting slice of cake. According to a study published in Reader’s Digest, consuming a small amount of an acidic condiment before your meal or with your meal (such as apple cider vinegar) helps the body maintain a healthy blood sugar level and prevents spikes by as much as 50 per cent.

Homemade banana ‘ice-cream’

Freeze bananas for several hours, put them in a food processor, add a splash of almond milk and blend for three to five minutes or until smooth. The result? Rich, healthy, dairy and refined sugar free banana ice-cream. Customise this by tossing in dark chocolate chips, almond butter, cinnamon, stevia, raw cocoa powder or anything your foodie heart desires.

Dark Chocolate

Loaded with antioxidants and hey, even wrinkle-fighting vitamins, dark chocolate in moderation is one of the healthiest treats and totally friendly for a sugar-free diet.

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