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How to soften hard brown sugar

We've all been there before - you're reaching into your pantry to get the sugar out for your cake batter and boom! You're hit with a jar of rock-hard, solidified brown sugar that won't budge.

Thankfully you need not reach for the knife to start scraping your brown sugar out into the rubbish, because it is possible to soften your sugar back to it's sweet, spongey best using these tried-and-tested tricks.
Move your sugar to an airtight container with either a slice of fresh bread placed on top, or a couple of apple slices. Either option will be sure to restore your sugar to it's granular glory in the next couple of days.
Adding liquid to your hardened sugar is actually a great way to get it back to normal. Try placing it in an open container overnight, covered with a moist cloth or paper towel.
If you don't feel comfortable leaving the container open in your pantry for various reasons, you could use foil or plastic wrap to cover the sugar, then place your slightly-damp piece of paper towel on top of the foil. Seal in an airtight container and let sit overnight or a few days.
You could also try sprinkling a couple of drops of water onto the solidified chunk of sugar and wrap it up into an air-tight plastic bag for a couple of days.
Trying these handy hints should restore your unruly brown sugar in no time.
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