How To

How to sterilise and seal glass jars

Love the idea of making your own jam and chutneys for loved ones? Check out our step-by-step guide to storing homemade jams, marmalades, and preserves the hygienic way.

Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 02, 2021

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  • How to prepare and eat artichokes

    Often placed in the too-hard basket due to its thorny, armour-like leaves, the globe artichoke is actually surprisingly easy to prepare. Here, our food experts show you how to get it right.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 18, 2021

  • How to make whipped cream

    By following these simple tips you'll achieve smooth and creaming whipped cream every time.

    Australian Women's Weekly|May 10, 2021

  • The easy way to line a baking tin

    When you're making a cake, it's really important to make sure you always line your pan properly; this ensures that it will never stick, and you'll always get a beautiful, even crust.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Apr 23, 2021

  • How to pickle beetroot at home

    Pickled beetroot is a delicious and vibrant condiment that livens up any meat platter or salad instantly - and it's so easy to make at home.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Dec 03, 2020

  • How to make the perfect Christmas pudding

    To suet or not to suet? Can I leave out the booze? Is it sacrilegious to use a microwave? We answer some frequently asked questions about the fine art of pudding-making.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Oct 22, 2020

  • How to make sugar syrup and caramel

    There’s no need to be afraid of a pan of hot toffee! With these tips, you’ll be spinning and swirling your way to sugary bliss.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Sep 11, 2020

  • How to make your own pizza dough

    Making your own pizza dough or bread is easier than you think. Our Test Kitchen experts show you how to get perfect results every time.

    Australian Women's Weekly|Jun 12, 2020