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steak & chilli tomato sauce

Steak & chilli tomato sauce

While your perfectly cooked steak is resting to its tender conclusion, quickly throw together this fried tomato and chilli sauce to go with. A side order of greens and you have a complete, healthy and low carb meal.
seasoned tuna steaks with tomato salad

Seasoned tuna steaks with tomato salad

No single category of nutrient has been more clearly determined to have anti-inflammatory health benefits than omega-3 fatty acids, and tuna is packed full of them.
Char-grilled tuna with chilled soba

Char-grilled tuna with soba noodles

Soba are Japanese buckwheat noodles and are great served hot or cold. They are available in selected supermarkets and Asian grocery stores. Note
tom yum goong

Tom yum goong (hot and sour Thai prawn soup)

Hot and sour (tom yum) soup is a classic Thai soup that is, as the name suggests, spicy and sour. Made well, it is a bracing and nourishing dish with strong yet perfectly balanced flavours.
gingerbread-spicedfig muesli

Gingerbread-spiced fig muesli

Replace fresh figs with stone fruit or berries. You can buy rolled rye at selected health food stores; replace it with rolled oats if you can’t find it. Store the muesli in an airtight container in the fridge for up to 3 months. Note