What food is in season in May?

...and what to make with it.
rhubarb custard tea cake

Knowing which foods are in season is the key to cooking the most delicious dishes all year round, and is good for the budget. Let us help out with these recipes for in season food in May.


Sweet potato

May is a fantastic time to indulge your love of the humble sweet potato or kumara. This delicious vegetable is full of beneficial vitamins, and is also incredible versatile whether as these sweet potato sloppy joes or as the paleo-friendly buns for these healthy turkey and kumara burgers.. Sweet potato makes a tasty filling for these vegetarian sausage rolls, and pair beautifully with lamb and almonds in this fragrant curry



Remarkably versatile fennel is in season right now. With an aniseed-flavour that lends itself to sweet recipes like this orange, fennel and pinenut cake or savoury dishes like sweet potato and fennel soup, the time has never been better to try your hand at these delicious fennel recipes.



If you have never cooked with quinces, May is your chance! Make your own quince paste or chunky quince, rosé and vanilla preserve to include on a decadent cheese plate. For dessert you could try this quince and rhubarb pie or these slow-cooked quince.. Quince is not just for sweet dishes, this marinade uses quince to create a succulent and sticky roasted lamb.



Crunchy cabbage is on the menu in May! Use it to make a dinner of pork spareribs and hearty coleslaw. The larger cabbage leaves are ideal for making tender pork cabbage rolls.. Red cabbage is also a great side for this pork meatballs recipe and adds a vibrant pop of colour to this couscous and walnut salad.



Nothing beats biting into a bright burst of pomegranate seeds. We love them atop this baked labne cheesecake or with figs on this autumn-inspired pavlova. Pomegranate adds a special splash of sweetness to savoury dishes like this quinoa and haloumi salad.



Now is the time to get adventurous with avocados! This delicious brown rice avocado sushi recipe is a great start, but have you tried smashed avocado and haloumi bruschetta?. If in doubt, avocado is always welcome in a delicious rocket salad.


leafy greens

Autumn is a fantastic time for loading up on leafy greens. While salads like this eggplant, kale and lentil salad seem an obvious destination for kale, this versatile veg also holds up well in this bacon, mushroom and kale risotto, or blended with cheese for this low-carb kale pizza base.

Also in season is silverbeet, delicious in this ravioli recipe and in this flaky spanakopita.

If you load up on spinach this season you could do a lot worse that this delicious pumpkin, spinach and feta frittata. And who could forget an iconic spinach dip in a cob loaf?



May is the time for finding delicious in-season okra. Whip this versatile veg up into a fragrant okra curry, serve it stir-fried with chicken or in a classic Louisiana-style chicken and chorizo gumbo.



Gorgeous red rhubarb is in season this month, which means it’s the perfect time to try out these exceptional rhubarb recipes.. From sweet recipes like this rhubarb custard tart and rhubarb coconut cake to savoury dishes like this Persian lamb and rhubarb stew, there’s so much to try!



If you’re planning on making a chicken and leek pie now is the time! While they may be alliums from the same family as onions and garlic, leeks have a more subtle acidity than common onions, making them perfect for all sorts of recipes.. While they’re in season why not make up a batch of mushroom and leek soup? We also love leek caramelised, like in this pork fillet recipe with apple and leek.


asian greens

Asian greens are in-season in may and are a great way to add colour, flavour and texture to a meal. From spicy Sichuan gai lan, to stir-fried choy sum and delicious bok choy – there’s something for everyone.



Lemons are in-season in May, which is good news if you love tart desserts like lemon tart or lemon meringue pie!. Short on time? This lemon delicious recipe is easy and fast!

You can also make use of this citrus bounty by jarring up some preserved lemons to enjoy throughout the year, like in this roast chicken dinner..



May is the perfect time to give some persimmon recipes a whirl! Persimmons baked with honey and lime is a simple and elegant dessert. Persimmons also pair marvelously with maple syrup – like in this persimmon maple upside down cake and this three-grain maple syrup porridgelink text.



Who doesn’t love a delicious apple crumble? With apples in-season you can make all manner of delicious apple desserts, including this amazingly vintage apple Charlotte and this old-fashioned apple pie.

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