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Healthy school lunch recipes

Stuff those lunchboxes with delicious and healthy recipes that will fuel your kids all day. From wraps to pasta salads, rice-paper rolls and tasty wraps - there's healthy lunch recipes here for even the pickiest eater.

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    Tuna sushi sandwiches

    These delicious tuna sushi style sandwiches are perfect for a kids' lunchbox or light snack with drinks.

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    Chicken wraps

    Light, healthy but totally satisfying, these tasty chicken wraps make a great addition to the work or school lunchbox.

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    Italian brown rice salad

    This humble chicken and brown rice salad offers a taste of Italy, with the hero its lemon mustard dressing.

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    Zucchini and cheese fritters

    These hot and crunchy fritters make for the best snacks. Serve them with your favourite dip for a delicious lunch-box treat.

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    Chicken pasta salad

    Chicken pasta is a quick, easy and tasty meal that all the family will enjoy and can easily be packed into a school lunch box.

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    Tuna and sweet corn crisp wrap

    Sharpen the mind over lunch by enjoying this quick combination of spinach, avocado, tuna and corn wrapped in wholemeal lavash.

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    Guacamole and ham wrap

    A guacamole and ham wrap is an easy way to make your childs lunch tasty and nutritious. Wraps are often a hit with those who dislike ordinary sandwiches.

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  • 10

    Zucchini and corn muffins

    These tasty muffins make a brilliant after school snack, or light lunchbox filler. The combination of fresh zucchini, sweet corn and salty cheddar works perfectly together to create these moreish treats.

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    Mini ham and corn quiches

    Perfect for an after school snack, or school and work lunches these mini ham and corn quiches are easy and tasty and appealing.

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    Spiced ham and avocado wrap

    This flavour-packed recipe is perfect for an on-the-go lunch or light dinner. The combination of ham and avocado in a wholegrain wrap also makes a nutritious after school snack for kids.

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  • 13

    Ultimate greek salad

    Light, fresh and brimming with flavour, this is a classic Mediterranean salad. For a heartier meal, serve with crusty bread.

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    Chicken pita pockets

    Filled with vegies and a delicious mustard mayonnaise, these chicken pita pockets are simple and satisfying.

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    Lunch box pasta salad

    This great pasta salad is brilliant as a lunch for work or school, but you can also serve it as a side dish to grilled or barbecued meats.

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