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Gluten-free Christmas recipes

From entrees to dessert

Bourbon-glazed ham with warm potato and celery salad
Is there a coeliac in your family? Make sure no one misses out on a delicious Christmas feast with these tasty gluten-free recipes. We have your entire festive menu covered, from entrees and mains, to side dishes and desserts. Why not start the meal with some warm grilled prawns, served with a zesty avocado salsa? Then, move onto a tender slow-roasted lamb shoulder, served with a creamy potato salad. To finish? Try our rich gluten-free Christmas puddings or fruity coconut mascarpone cake.
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    Pavlova with berries and cream

    Named after the Russian ballerina, the pavlova is a familiar and well loved Antipodean dessert. You can experiment with all kinds of fruit toppings, but berries and cream is always a winner.

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    Chocolate, honey and red berry parfait

    Parfait means 'perfect' in French and there's a lot about this chocolate, honey and red berry version that is perfect. For starters, it's easy to make and doesn't melt too quickly which means it's great for entertaining. It also looks amazing.

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    Perfect potato salad

    Give this classic European salad a try with our easy recipe and enjoy the fresh parsley, mint and potato smothered in rich homemade mayonnaise.

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    Coconut and mascarpone cake

    This impressive-looking dessert combines the beautiful creaminess of mascarpone cheese with sweet and tart strawberries and raspberries. This cake is lovely served at Christmas time or for birthday celebrations.

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    Spice-crusted lamb racks and roasted carrots

    Jazz up dinner time with these delicious lamb racks. They are rolled in a delicious seed and spice mix, and served with juicy roasted carrots for the ultimate family meal.

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    Prawn, zucchini and mint salad

    Warm summer afternoons call for this delicious prawn, zucchini and mint salad - light, fresh, and perfect for the festive season!

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    Roast turkey breast with cranberry and pistachio stuffing

    Cooking a whole turkey can be rather daunting and time-consuming, however, this rolled breast is stress-free and quick, yet looks spectacular. If you're entertaining a larger crowd, simply double the recipe to feed 12.

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    Honey roasted carrots with labne

    Sweet honey-roasted carrots pair perfectly with creamy labne for a Mediterranean-style side dish

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    Gluten-free glace fruit cakes

    Just because you don't eat gluten doesn't mean you have to miss out on Christmas treats - try this delicious glace fruit cake.

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    Tea brined roasted chicken

    Change up your next Sunday night roast with this tender tea brined chicken from The Australian Women's Weekly 'Made from Scratch' cookbook. Juicy and succulent meat with a gentle smoky flavour.

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    Chocolate and caramel macarons

    You don't have to be in France to indulge in this decadent dessert. Bite through the light outer-layer of these treats to reach the rich chocolate ganache centre.

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    Slow roasted lamb shoulder

    Slow roasted to tender perfection, this gorgeous lamb shoulder dish is the ultimate comfort food for a hungry family. Served with crisp baked potatoes, it's a dinner dish the whole family will love.

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    Gluten-free christmas fruit cake

    This gluten-free Christmas fruit cake is every bit as moist and tasty as its wheat based counterpart. We used Farex baby rice cereal, but use whichever brand you prefer. Make it up to two weeks ahead and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

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    Salmon with herb and walnut salsa

    This beautiful roasted salmon with a herb and walnut salad is a light and refreshing option to serve for Christmas dinner.

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    Gluten-free berry tarts

    An elegant dish to bake for an afternoon tea with friends, or a light dessert on a summer's eve. Serve with a little cream if you like.

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    Gluten-free Christmas pudding

    A gluten-free diet doesn't mean lowering your standards. This gluten-free Christmas pudding is bursting with fruit and flavour.

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