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Fabulous French macaron recipes

These delicate treats can be tricky to master but follow the recipes to a tee and you're sure to turn out perfect macarons, every time. Treat yourself to our delicious dark chocolate delights or try your hand at our lighter lemon-coconut version. There's plenty to be inspired by so if you're looking to amp up your weekend baking, these French favourites are for you.

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    Dark chocolate French macarons

    These chocolate French macaroons take a little bit of practice to get right, but once you've got the knack, they're as satisfying to make as they are delicious to eat.

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    Strawberry French macarons

    A light touch is required to make these strawberry french macarons. Don't be tempted to use more strawberry puree than required or you will alter the texture of the batter. Trust us, the result is worth it.

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    Pistachio white chocolate and honey French macarons

    These pistachio and white chocolate honey French macarons are quite possibly the perfect edible present. The flavour is unique and quite delicate. Make sure your pistachios are ground finely for a perfect result.

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    Cappuccino French macarons

    Do not be afraid of the humble macaron. Yes, they're tricky, but easier than you think. Don't take any short cuts, use a light touch when mixing, and you'll be well on the way to making the perfect cappuccino macaron.

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    Black forest French macarons

    Back in 1792, two Carmelite nuns dubbed the "Macaron Sisters" baked and sold macarons to pay for their lodgings. Over 200 years later, our love affair with these almond delights continue. These chocolate and cherry macarons are beautiful served with hot espresso.

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    Cinnamon eggnog macarons

    What a delightful way to enjoy the flavour of eggnog. These macarons are the perfect, light accompaniment to Christmas dinner, and would make a unique and thoughtful gift for your host.

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    Chocolate almond macarons

    The perfect macaron should be a lovely circle, with a ruffle around the bottom where it has risen in the oven. In order for the ruffle to properly develop, let the macarons sit until they have developed a 'skin' before baking them.

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    Tropical French macarons

    When it comes to sweet treats the French always get it right and this delicate delight is no exception. Somewhere between a meringue and a biscuit, this melt in the mouth tropical macaron is simply délicieux!

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    Raspberry macarons

    So popular is this delectable French biscuit, that it has its own day on which it is celebrated. March 20 is unofficially 'Macaron Day', and participating bakeries offer customers free samples. With this recipe, you can make your own!

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    Raspberry and cinnamon French macarons

    When it comes to cuisine the French got a lot right, especially the macaron. This humble sweet is deservedly famous for its chewy texture and delicious array of flavour options. Try this raspberry and cinnamon version, you'll love it.

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    Peppermint French macarons

    Macarons can be challenging to make, but the results are worth it. Weigh your ingredients very carefully and sift the almond meal thoroughly, and these peppermint French macarons will be très bon!

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    Chocolate and caramel macarons

    You don't have to be in France to indulge in this decadent dessert. Bite through the light outer-layer of these treats to reach the rich chocolate ganache centre.

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  • 16

    Vanilla strawberry swirl macarons

    If you thought the ice-cream wafer sandwich couldn't be improved, think again. These vanilla strawberry swirl macarons will have your guests swooning with delight. The ice-cream will barely have enough time to melt before they're all gone.

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    Lemon coconut macarons

    As delicious as these lemon coconut macarons will be once finished, for a better flavour and a more chewy texture seal them in a container and refrigerate them overnight. It is a most cruel exercise in self restraint, but worth it.

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    Coconut French macarons

    These decadent coconut French macarons make the perfect sweet treats! Enjoy these rich coco-nutty delights with your morning or afternoon cuppa!

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    Cinnamon and sour cherry macarons

    These heavenly cinnamon and sour cherry macarons are definitely for the grownups. In order to get the pretty 'feet' effect along the bottom of each macaron, make sure you leave them to dry out completely before baking.

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