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Surprising things you didn’t know about macadamias

Aside from being delicious coated in dark chocolate and making our granola extra tasty, there's a few other fun facts worth knowing about Australia's very own home-grown nut.
Caramel macadamia sliceAustralian Table

They take several years to grow:

The next time to tuck into a bag of macadamias, take note that the nuts you’re eating could be as old as fifteen years of age.

It can take anything between ten and fifteen years before a macadamia tree reaches maturity and maximum yield.

They’re more Aussie than Vegemite:

As well as being the world’s biggest supplier of the macadamia kernel, Australia also happens to be the birthplace of this tasty little nut.

Originating here over 60 million years ago, macadamias are as Aussie as it gets. Back then, Aboriginals would use the nuts as gifts or in trade.

They’re great for your heart

Macadamias have the highest level of healthy monounsaturated fats amongst all the nuts, which has been linked to increased cardiovascular health.

One 30 gram serving will also provide a third of the daily recommended serving of thiamine, a mineral essential for maintaining a healthy heart.

They’re the world’s hardest nut to crack:

Apart from the fact they take years to go, macadamias are very valuable in Australia as they’re not easy to crack into.

Specialist machines have been designed to get through the tough outer husk of the nut, as well as the inner shell.

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