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Our best Easter recipes

Whether you're after sweet chocolate Easter eggs and iconic hot cross buns or inspiration for your Easter feast, we have the best Easter recipes right here.

Easter is one of the few times of the year when the whole family comes together, which for us means food, glorious food! With so many hungry mouths to feed (especially ravenous from any Lenten fasting) it can be overwhelming to decide on the menu. Never fear, we have all the recipes you need to feed the crowd, and delight your guests from delicious dinners to iconic Easter sweets.

Traditional Easter dishes

Easter of course wouldn't be Easter without these traditional dishes. While we certainly love a chocolate Easter egg, we also have a place in our heart for traditional hard-boiled eggs, brightly painted or dyed.
Another traditional dish is Simnel cake,full of delicious fruit, spices and marzipan. While we're on the topic of baking, who can forget hot cross buns?. Whether you're a stickler for the traditional fruit-filled version, or a fan of the more modern choc-chip hot cross bun, we can all agree it's not Easter without these iconic treats.
Any and all treats featuring the Easter bunny are of course, essential. Like these adorable white chocolate cupcakes with bunny ears, or these cheesy bunny biscuits. By extension, carrot cake and carrot-decorated goodies are all welcome at the Easter table.

The Easter feast

Whether you have your big Easter meal at midday or wait until the evening, these delicious Easter lunch and dinner recipes will see you through. You can never go past a hearty roast at the centre of the table. For that we recommend this rich beef rib roast or this mouth-watering lamb shoulder. For a lighter meat, consider this tea-brined chicken, and vegetarians can chow down too on this whole roasted cauliflower.
While we love a dramatic centrepiece, a feast isn't a feast without delicious supporting side dishes. Perfectly crisp potatoes are a must, and these surprisingly exciting salads are sure to brighten up your plates.
Of course, we haven't forgotten about dessert. And while we're already tucking in to our chocolate Easter eggs, we can't help but suggest a couple of Easter dessert recipes for that final 'wow'! We will always have space in our hearts (and tummies) for a pavlova, and this strawberry and chocolate Easter-inspired pavlova will do the trick. From carrot cake to Easter biscuits, these sweet dessert treats are the perfect way to round off a meal.

Easter gifts

While the gift-giving at Easter isn't what it is at other times of the year, like Christmas, it's still common to gift family and friends with chocolate Easter eggs. While you can buy a whole range of Easter eggs down at the shop, we always love a homemade treat. For this reason we've gathered together these fun and delicious edible Easter gifts. Yes, there are of course homemade chocolate Easter eggs but also adorable cake pops, cupcakes and even hot cross bun cookies!

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