10 brilliant blinis to share with friends

Traditionally made from buckwheat flour, these deliciously mini pancakes originally hail from Russia. But since becoming a foodie favourite, we've seen blinis go from the old-school Pancake Day recipe of choice to an amazing, easy appetizer brought out at every party. Here, we've gathered 12 of our best blini recipes served with all manners of tasty toppings. From the classic buckwheat batter with smoked salmon to modern polenta pancakes with a beautiful beetroot dip, these blinis are sure to be a hit with your friends and family.
blinis with smoked salmon
potato blini with salsa cruda
Quick & Easy
June 30, 1975

Potato blini with salsa cruda

Russet burbank potatoes were used to make this dish, however substituting with Agria or other boiling potatoes is fine. Note
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GREEN ONION BLINIS with Chilli Crab Salad
December 31, 2010

Green onion blinis with chilli crab salad

You can buy cooked crab meat at the local fish markets or supermarket. Alternatively, buy fresh crabs and cook them (blue swimmer crabs are good). To tell if crabs are meaty, look at the claws; if they are pointy and sharp it means they have a new shell and don’t have much meat. If the […]
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