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20 excellent egg-free desserts

Most of us love to indulge in a cheeky sweet treat on occasion, but there are some people that are limited with their dessert choices due to allergies or intolerances. Luckily, we've pulled together a selection of our best egg-free desserts to satisfy all your cravings. And whether you want to tuck into a batch of our chocolate-studded blondies or cut yourself a big slice of our caramel popcorn choc-peanut cheesecake, there is no skimping on flavour when it comes to these allergy friendly recipes.

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    This decadent Italian pastry is a perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of coffee (or a sneaky glass of brandy). Rich in nuts, dried fruit and dark chocolate, try to stop yourself from just having one.

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    Ginger, coconut and almond slice

    Ginger slice lovers rejoice! This delicious vegan friendly slice is layered with creamy coconut and topped roasted flake almonds and crystallized ginger.

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    Caramel peanut choc-popcorn cheesecake

    With layers of sweet, sticky and salty caramel, creamy chocolate cheesecake and crunchy peanut pieces, this cake is pure decadence. It requires no baking, but needs to set overnight, so allow some extra time.

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    Ginger, pear and pistachio crumbles

    No need to feel guilty about having dessert! This delicious pear and nut crumble can be adapted for vegan and paleo diets.

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    Egg-free cookies

    Crumbly, golden and full of juicy sweet cherries, these baked cookies are made without eggs for those with allergies and are perfect for a mid-morning treat.

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    Egg-and-dairy-free cupcakes

    You can make these egg-and-dairy-free cupcakes in either vanilla or chocolate flavour, or if you're catering for many, make a batch of each.

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    Egg-free chocolate and cherry loaf

    This delicious and easy to prepare chocolate and cherry loaf is the perfect accompaniment with your mid-morning cuppa! The perfect balance of sweet and fruity!

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    Hummingbird cashew cake

    This delightfully sweet and humble hummingbird cashew cake is packed with wholesome, nutritional ingredients and full of decadent flavour! Perfect accompaniment with your morning cuppa!

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    Almond and mascarpone fig flan

    The irresistible combination of creamy mascarpone with tender fresh figs and a delicious crust with leave you totally satisfied.

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    Frozen peanut butter cheesecake

    If you fancy a particularly decadent dessert then look no further than this frozen peanut butter cheesecake. Topped with warm and melty chocolate sauce, this is the stuff that dreams are made of. Dig in.

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