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Tasty dinner recipes using pork mince

Pork is a super flavoursome type of meat that goes brilliantly with zesty Asian flavours and classic European-style herbs. When minced, it's very easy to cook with and goes brilliantly in everything from burgers and meatballs to Chinese san choy bau. It's traditionally used in Italian lasagne and French terrines, but it goes equally as well in a spiced Mexican quesadilla. Take a flick through our versatile recipes and see how you can use more pork mince in your cooking.
Sichuan-style gai lan and pork mince
pork and cabbage rolls
May 31, 1975

Pork and cabbage rolls

You need to cook about 2/3 cup (130g) white long-grain rice to get 2 cups of cooked rice. If using packaged microwave rice, use straight from the packet for this recipe. Note
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