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potato and proscuitto salad

Potato and proscuitto salad

To get ½ cup of pomegranate pulp, use a medium pomegranate. To remove the pulp, cut pomegranate in half, then hit the back of the fruit with a wooden spoon ­ the seeds usually fall out easily; if not, dig them out with a spoon. Discard the shell and white pith. Note


Invented in the 18th century by the Duc of Levis-Mirepoix, mirepoix has since become a classic preparation of French cooking.
primavera frittata

Primavera frittata

We used a mixture of parsley, basil and dill for this recipe, but you can use any herbs you like. If your frying pan does not have a heatproof handle, cover the handle with aluminium foil to protect it from the heat of the grill. Frittata can be served warm or cold. Reheat slices of […]