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Pork, rocket and sopressa pasta

Sopressa, a salami from the north of Italy, can be found in both mild and chilli-flavoured varieties. If you can’t find it easily, you can use any hot salami, but the taste won’t be exactly the same. Note
roasted vegetable tart

Roasted vegetable tart

Garlic is easy to roast and has a more mellow taste than it does raw or fried. Make it and freeze it by the tablespoon wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. Roasted garlic beaten with softened butter adds a whole new dimension of flavour to mashed potato or steamed corn cobs. Note
spiced pumpkin and chickpeas

Spiced pumpkin and chickpeas

Chermoula spice mix (chermoula spice blend) is a North African spice blend that gives a spicy Moroccan flavour to food. It is a blend of cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper, garlic, onion, parsley, salt and pepper and is available from specialty spice shops and most major supermarkets. Note
red beans AND RICE

Red beans and rice

You need one trimmed corn cob to get the amount of corn kernels required for this recipe; canned corn kernels or frozen corn kernels, if you prefer. Note
ramen, pork and spinach soup

Ramen, pork and spinach soup

It’s best to make the broth the day before you eat the soup, so that it can chill long enough for the fat to solidify on top. Scoop it away and discard it for a clear broth. Recipe is not suitable to freeze. Note