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6 osso buco recipes

Comfort food at it's finest.

Shank you very much!

Fall apart tender cross cut shanks bathed in a rich sauce, Osso Buco is a traditional Italian dish that’s both hearty and luxurious.

Traditionally made with veal shanks and served on yellow saffron Risotto Milanese and topped with a fresh mixture of parsley, lemon and garlic known as Gremolata. But just as delicious piled over mashed potato or creamy polenta.

We’ve gathered together our favourite comforting osso buco recipes including a less traditonal chicken and lamb version.

Osso buco recipe


Classic comfort food.

Osso buco with gremolata

Classic comfort food.

Osso buco milanese


Osso buco Milanese

This is the classic osso buco dish, Osso Buco Milanese is a ragu of tender veal on the bone, served on a bed of saffron risotto and topped with herby, garlicky gremolata.

chicken osso buco


Chicken osso buco

Chicken osso buco



Osso buco with polenta crust

Osso buco with polenta crust

Osso buco is a Milanese speciality of veal shanks braised with vegetables and white wine topped with a polenta crust.

slow-cooker osso buco with mixed mushrooms


Slow-cooked osso buco with mixed mushrooms

Italian-style slow-cooked osso bucco that will melt in your mouth.


Lamb osso buco

Lamb osso buco

This juicy lamb will melt in your mouth and take you back to the big family dinners you enjoyed as a child. Serve with creamy mash or polenta.

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