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34 amazing sweet and savoury apricot recipes

Make the most of these sweet stone fruits.

Whether you use it straight off the tree when it’s in season, or go for the sweet, canned variety, the humble apricot can be incorporated in both sweet and savoury recipes. We’ve gathered together some of our favourites, including cakes, tarts and muffins, plus savoury dishes like slow cooker apricot chicken and glazed ribs. There’s also a recipe for homemade apricot and mandarin jam, plus bliss balls and slice recipes for tasty lunch-box snacks. Yummo!

Looking for only apricot desserts?

Nutty apricot cake
January 22, 2023

Nutty apricot cake

Apricot halves pressed into the top give this mouth-watering cake its sweetness and attractive look. It gets its nuttiness from processed walnuts, giving it a pleasant buttery consistency. Thanks to it’s moist texture – replacing the flour with gluten-free flour will easily make it gluten-free. Looking for more apricot desserts? Suitable to freeze. Not suitable […]
By Women's Weekly Food

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