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10 easy pork recipes the whole family will enjoy

Fast, flavoursome and fuss-free mid-week dinner ideas to please even the fussiest of eaters.

Are your tastebuds getting tired of the same old spag bowl, stir fry, or one-pot wonder you serve up for dinner week after week? It’s time to switch things up by simply introducing a new protein into the mix (and a few new recipes). Full of flavour and extremely versatile, pork is soon to be your family’s new favourite.

From a flavour-packed pulled pork nachos to an easy Italian sausage pasta bake, these simple but tasty pork recipes make the perfect mid-week meal, when you want a delicious dinner on the table fast. The best part? The whole family will enjoy these, even the picky eaters!



Double decker pork tacos. Fast, flexible and flavoursome, it’s no surprise that tacos are a family favourite. These Double-Decker Pork Tacos will get the kids excited to build their own, and they won’t have to make the tough decision between a hard or soft shell as they can have both! Filled with pork mince, corn, lettuce and sour cream, the taco shell is then wrapped in a soft flour tortilla for a bit of fun and added texture.

Fussy food critic verdict: “They’re so good – crunchy and soft.” Luka, 12.

“They have so much flavour.” Marlie, 10.

Mum says: “It was nice to try a new protein mince instead of boring chicken again. I used the mine for next night leftovers, too.” Mindy.



Sticky Thai pork with noodles. A quick and tasty noodle dish is always a winner when you’re time-poor and tired. This easy recipe, made with pork mince, vermicelli noodles, and classic Thai seasonings, can be on the table in just 30 minutes and requires just one wok to cook in, making washing up a breeze.

Fussy food critic verdict: “Noodles are my favourite – they’re stretchy and you can suck them up!” Louis, 4.

Mum says: “I omitted the chilli to make this more child-friendly and it was a hit.” Rhyl.



Mexican pork meatball subs. Make these Mexican Pork Meatball Subs for dinner this week and watch your kids ask for seconds. Loaded with pork meatballs, cheese, salsa and optional jalapenos and coriander (omit for fussy eaters or young kids), this dish is perfect for a fuss-free and fun Friday dinner.

Fussy food critic verdict: “It’s like a cross between a sausage in bread, nachos and spag bol – it was good.” Ezra, 11

Mum says: “This is my new Thursday night meal – with leftovers for Friday after school before hitting the tennis courts.” Evelyn.



Italian sausage pasta bake. This simple sausage pasta bake can be served up in just 35 minutes (including prep time) and you’re likely to have most of the ingredients on hand. Pork and fennel or Italian-style sausages are the key ingredient, adding plenty of flavour to the tomato-based sauce.

Fussy food critic verdict: “I love the pasta tubes, sausages and cheesy sauce.” Ava, 9.

Mum says: “My kids are usually pedantic about presentation but this ‘all-in cheesy bake’ was a hit – almost fun for them – and easy to make.” Naomi.



Mild korma curried sausages.

An Indian twist on a classic dish that is always a comforting crowd-pleaser. Packed with flavour, protein and plenty of veggies, the pork sausages are an easy and tender addition.

Fussy food critic verdict: “I liked the juices and sausages.” Louis, 4

Mum says: “Louis loves butter chicken but I wasn’t sure how he’d go with a sausage curry, so I only added one tablespoon rather than two, and he ate it all – minus the spinach leaves!” Franki



Sweet & sour pork. Forgo the mid-week Chinese takeaway for this simple and speedy Cantonese classic featuring tender pork fillet stir-fried with crunchy capsicum, juicy pineapple and finished with a simple homemade sweet and sour sauce. Serve with Singapore noodles or steamed rice.

Fussy food critic verdict: “The pineapple and pork were really nice.” Wilco, 11

Mum says: “We had friend’s and their kids over for dinner and they enjoyed it, too!” Kelly.



Pork and 2-minute noodle fritters. 2-minute noodles to the rescue! These Okonomiyaki-inspired fritters are packed with protein-rich pork mince and disguised veggies to please even the pickiest eaters.

Fussy food critic verdict: “They taste like crunchy hamburgers.” Kade, 6

Mum says: “I think he enjoyed them all the more because they had 2 minute noodles in them. Definitely make again!” Louise.



Pork and apple sausage rolls.

You’ll want to save this sausage roll recipe somewhere as it’s one you’ll come back to time and time again. Pork and apple are the perfect pair and, when wrapped in flaky pastry, deliver an irresistible dish that is also freezer-friendly. Tip: Make a double batch to pop in lunch boxes during the week.

Fussy food critic verdict: “It’s yummy mummy.” Amelia, 4 and Elora, 3.

Mum says: “My picky three-year-old liked it so much that she stole some off her older sisters’ plate. I added some hidden grated veggies in our version to pack in those extra vitamins.” Amy.



Loaded pulled pork nachos. Prep the pulled pork in advance and you’ll have this Mexican family favourite on the table in just minutes. Perfect for sharing (although, almost too good to share), get the kids involved by allowing them to add their own toppings.

Fussy food critic verdict: “Nachos are my favourite meal.” Bella, 7.

Mum says: “I made the pulled pork on the Sunday and served up nachos with the leftovers on Monday. It was quick and tasty – great for the after-work hustle.” Karen



Baked gnocchi and meatballs. Who can say no to pork sausages and soft gnocchi in a rich tomato sauce and topped with melted cheese? This quick and easy crowd pleaser requires minimal prep and once in the oven you can forget about it for an hour then voilà, dinner is served.

Fussy food critic verdict: “It’s a thumbs up from us,” James, 12, and Felix, 9.

Mum says: “I wasn’t sure if the kids would like the Pork Gnocchi but it was a winner (and I loved it myself). I tweaked the recipe – replaced the olives with a dash of cream. I put them into ramekins and baked them with plenty of melted cheese and called them Gnocchi Pots.” Clare.

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