12 sweet winter strawberry recipes

Includes jam, crumbles, cakes and puddings - all starring strawberries.
rhubarb and strawberry sponge pudding

Winter warmer ... Rhubarb and strawberry sponge pudding.

Strawberries are often associated with the Australian summer, but there’s actually a winter season for this fruit as well.

In the chilly temperatures of winter you may not feel like a strawberry ice-cream, parfait or tiramisu. But don’t worry, these recipes are geared towards the season, with puddings, cakes and crumbles. Plus a delicious rhubarb and strawberry jam recipe.

Looking for recipes starring another autumn/winter fruit, quince? Or desserts starring coconut?


Apple strawberry crumble

Apple strawberry crumble with three different topping choices


Apple and strawberry crumble

Apple, strawberry and rosemary crumble


Rhubarb and strawberry sponge puddings

Rhubarb and strawberry sponge puddings


Strawberry bliss scones

Strawberry bliss scones


strawberry friands

Mini strawberry friands


strawberry and rhubarb jam

Rhubarb and strawberry jam

Or perhaps try a plain strawberry jam.

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