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From cheesecakes to puddings to pavlovas, find a tried and tested Women Weekly dessert recipe for every season and occasion.

one teddy and his bed

One teddy and his bed

One-year-olds may be too young to eat the cachous, but they’ll certainly love the cake. Tiny heart-, star-, moon- and other-shaped cutters are sometimes sold as aspic cutters. Note
pinky bunny

Pinky bunny

Pinky bunny is a small cute cake, ­just enough for a small cute person’s birthday. You’ll have ½ cup of the cake mixture left over, enough for another mini loaf. Note
Orange RASPBERRY sherbet float

Orange raspberry sherbet float

The sherbet is also delicious served on its own as a dessert. Do ahead: Make the sherbet up to 2 days ahead; cover and freeze until required. You will need to start this recipe the day before. Note