20 nectarine recipes perfect for dessert

Did you know that nectarines belong to the same species of fruit as peaches? The only difference is that they have a smoother skin than their fuzzy siblings! But, this delicious stone fruit, similar as it may be, deserves a collection of incredible recipes in it's own right. So, we've gathered 20 of our best sweet treats using fresh nectarines that are perfect for summer cooking. We have everything from tantalising tarts to creamy trifles and homemade jams. There's even a recipe for a frozen nectarine and turkish delight parfait, if you're up for tackling a dish that's a little different.
nectarine dessert recipe
nectarine and apricot tarts

Nectarine and apricot tarts

These tarts are the perfect expression of sumer. When cooked, the nectarines and apricots soften and slightly caramelise, becoming the perfect foil to the buttery crunch of the pastry and the nuts. Note
Nectarine Cake

Nectarine cake

This cake can be made easily in a food processor. Start with butter, sugar and rind and gradually add remaining ingredients, processing to form a smooth batter. Note
Roast nectarine tart

Roast nectarine tart

Roasting stone fruits intensifies their flavour as well as drawing out their natural sweetness, which helps make this roast nectarine tart exceedingly delicious. Serve warm with lashings of cream.

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