Perfect kids’ party food

Need some inspiration for your next kids' party? We've got all the favourites that will help make hosting a bunch of small people a breeze. The kids will love our pizza faces, mini toffees and butterfly cakes. There are even a few healthier options like our sushi sandwiches, fruit kebab dippers and fruity icy poles. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten the fairy bread!
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fruit kebab dippers
Quick & Easy

Fruit kebab dippers

Try serving the fruit kebabs with chocolate sprinkles and desiccated coconut as well as 100s & 1000s. Note


Recreate this classic Australian treat with a light and fluffy cake, chocolate and coconut flakes.
Photography by Teny Aghamalian. Styling by Louise Bickle

Chocolate and sultana crackles

These chocolate and sultana crackles are one way to sneak a little bit of fruit and fibre into unsuspecting kids at a party. Happily, they’re so delicious you’re bound to get away with it.
teddy bear biscuits
Quick & Easy

Teddy bear biscuits

The kids will love these delightful teddy bear biscuits. You can experiment with different coloured smarties to have a variety of coloured noses, if you like.

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