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Corned beef recipes that will send you back in time

From roasts, to sandwiches and toasties - corned beef is a delicious and versatile meat that seems to have been around forever. Dust of this classic with these delicious corned beef recipes.

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    Corned beef with mustard sauce

    The heat from the mustard sauce cuts through the gorgeous pink richness of the corned beef for a wholesome and moreish meal. Serve alongside a creamy potato bake, green beans and broccoli for a well-balanced meal.

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    Pressure cooker corned beef

    Take a trip back to your childhood with this old fashioned corned beef recipe - sped up thanks to a pressure cooker. Serve warm with creamy classic mashed potato, mustard, cornichons, caperberries and parsley or with steamed potatoes, carrots and cabbage.

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    Corned beef, cabbage and white onion sauce

    Classic corned beef cooked slowly over the stove and served with a sweet white onion sauce and tender vegetables is a hearty dinner that will transport you back in time.

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    Pot-roasted Asian-style corned beef

    This corned beef pot roast takes inspiration from the sweet and fragrant spices of Asian cooking including star anise, cardamom, and soy sauce. Serve with Asian greens for a true fusion experience.

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    Corned beef and mustard jaffle

    Nothing says comfort like this cheesy, creamy, corned beef jaffle recipe - packed with flavour, it's a perfect way to use up leftovers.

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    Corned beef hash with poached eggs

    A classic in the thrifty housekeeping repertoire, corned beef hash is as delicious as it is economical, especially topped with a soft-poached egg.

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