20 hearty potato bake recipes for comfort food at home

There is no better feeling than rugging up on the couch on a cool winter's evening, and scooping your fork through a bowl of hot, oozy, cheesy potato bake. With these recipes, you can make it as indulgent as you like by adding bacon, pancetta, mixed cheese or herbs. We've also got a one-dish lamb chop and potato bake recipe, or a Lebanese lamb and potato bake, for the real meat-lovers. There are variations with tuna and haddock, and of course, the old faithful recipe which produces a classic family dinner, every time.
apple sponge
Quick & Easy
October 31, 2011

Apple sponge

Recipe is best made just before serving. It’s important to have the apple mixture as hot as possible before spooning over the sponge topping; the heat from the apple starts the cooking process. Note
By Women's Weekly Food
potato and kumara bake
November 30, 1974

Potato and kumara bake

You can peel the potatoes in advance and leave them in a bowl of cold water so they don’t go brown. Once they are sliced, assemble the dish immediately. Don’t stand the sliced potatoes in cold water or you will wash away their natural starch, which thickens the sauce. Note
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